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A Different Perspective

According to the dictionary, faith means “believing  without proof; trust”.  At this point and time in history, we are being asked by our government to have ‘faith’ in our leaders to get us out of the mess we are in.  When dishonesty and corruption have been allowed to occur, the time comes when we have to pay for our actions.  That is known as having to take responsibility for our decisions.  Are we now to have ‘faith’ that the same people who got us into this mess in the first place will get us out?  I think not.  Are you placing your ‘faith’ in your job?  No guarantees there!  Businesses are laying off everyday, so don’t rely on your employer to see you through.  What about your marriage?  Over 50% of marriages fail in divorce.  Commitment seems to be a thing of the past.

The Bible explains ‘faith’ as “the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen”.  All of us have been given a measure of faith.  It is up to us to use it correctly.  We have a natural ‘faith’ that when we go to the doctor, he/she will tell us like it is.  When we deposit our money into the banks, we have ‘faith’ that it will be there whenever we need it.  We have ‘faith’ in the pilot of the airlines when we fly.  Most of the time, we don’t even give these things a second thought.  There are those who have great ‘faith’.  They visualize things afar off and go after them.  Nothing stands in their way.  The sparrows of the fields know that God will take care of them; they do not worry about tomorrow.  Others may say, ‘I have to see it to believe it’.  That is faithless and non-believing.  God knows our hearts and the kind of ‘faith’ we may have.  If it is pure and holy, unwavering and without doubt, we will reap the rewards of peace in the turmoil; of joy beyond compare; of hope that endures all things; and of love that never ends.  We will be okay, regardless of the circumstances around us, because our ‘faith’ is in the One who created us.

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