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A Different Perspective

I got an interesting email from my grandson this past week, giving me some wise informational tips on how and when to fill the gasoline tank in my car.  For instance, he said I should always fill up the tank in the mornings, when the ground is colder.  At this time, the gasoline is more dense.  As the day goes along and it becomes warmer, gas expands, so you actually get less gasoline for your money in the afternoon or evening.

The slower you fill your tank, you will minimize the vapors that are released, thus getting more for your money.  There are always different speeds on the handle for you to use when filling your tank, so be certain to use the slowest speed.  It might take a little longer, but you get more for your buck!

Always fill your tank when it is still half full.  The more gas you have in your tank, the less air it is occupying, thus you get more as you pump.  And never get your gasoline when a storage truck is filling the underground tanks.  You are liable to get some of the particles of dirt that normally settle on the bottom of the storage tanks.  You don’t want these in your tank.  So, when it comes time to get some more fuel in your vehicle, think before you pull into the next station.  It might save you some money and grief later on.  Not that buying fuel is a fun thing to do anyway, but at least it isn’t over $4.00 a gallon right now.  But, who knows what next week, month, or year will bring!! 

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