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Resident complains about noise from bar

BONNE TERRE — Living next to a bar isn’t always fun.

During the Bonne Terre City Council meeting Monday night, Matt Petty complained about the noise coming from Hub’s Pub.

Petty, who has lived in a nearby apartment for seven years, said the loud music/bass at Hub’s Pub on Friday and Saturday nights is causing his family to lose sleep. After working all week, he just wants to be able to come home and relax without hearing the thumping from the bass next door.

He said he has called police, his landlord, and the bar but nothing helps. He has filed one formal complaint and this is the second time he’s come to the council. The first time was in June of 2007 shortly after the bar opened.

Petty said he feels it is the city council’s right and responsibility to address the issue when the business’ license is up for renewal.

Chief Doug Calvert again explained that for a peace disturbance violation, a police officer can’t file a complaint. A person must file a complaint. He said the bar could be ticketed every time a person files a complaint. Calvert said no one else has complained.

Mayor Fritz Gower said he would look into the complaint and discuss it with the bar’s owner, Brandon Hubbard. At the last meeting, Hubbard said he felt Petty’s issue was a personal issue.

“I’m not trying to make enemies,” Petty said Monday night. “I’m just trying to get some sleep.”

Also during the public comment part of the meeting, Ruth Pratte asked the council about collecting money at intersections for charities. The council said they would look into it by checking with the insurance company and the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). A few years ago, the council approved an ordinance which eliminated the practice of collecting money at intersections due to the city’s liability.

Joe Tyree commended the fire department for putting out a fire at his house. He also complimented a trash truck driver.

Frank Hawkins asked the council to pave an alley at the rear of Spring Drive or officially close it so he could pave it. The council recommended he talk to the school board, who is the only other affected property owner.

Councilman Ron Elders said he has received many complaints about dogs running loose. Chief Calvert said dogs are a real problem. He added the city’s dog catcher has other duties for the city, so he is not a full-time dog catcher.

Councilman LeeRoy Calvert asked the council to consider changing meeting times from 7 to 6 p.m. to help city employees who have already worked a full day. The council agreed to change the time.

Councilman Ed Hottle asked the council to support a Steelworkers Union initiative that asks entities who get federal stimulus money to “buy American.” The council agreed they would if they received any money.

City Manager Larry Barton said the water department would be starting two billing cycles per month to make the system more efficient. He said he will need to hire another person for the trash truck since the prison is requiring an employee to be on the back with an offender.

In other matters, Beth Baker of First State Bank Insurance discussed liability and property insurance.

The council has been thinking about terminating their policy with MOPERM (Missouri Public Entities Risk Management) to go with Missouri Rural Services. The mayor asked why MoPERM’s premium was so much more.

Baker said she hasn’t seen the proposal from Missouri Rural, so she wouldn’t know how to compare the two.

She said many years ago a problem arose when companies like Missouri Rural stopped writing for cities and that left cities out in the cold. Because of that, the state created MoPERM, which can not refuse public entities and is not allowed to make a profit. She said other companies have to make a profit because they answer to stockholders and shareholders.

When an entity leaves MoPERM it can’t come back for three years.

She said Missouri Rural lowered their rates by 20 percent in January and that is how they became so competitive.

Baker also recommended against having a separate policy for the fire department because she said then the city, which owns the fire department, can be sued twice.

She said if the problem is with her, the city can get another agent. She said she feels that strongly about MoPERM.

She also explained why MoPERM didn’t pay a resident’s claim when a sewer backed up in the resident’s basement. She said the city did not do anything negligent to cause that backup.

In other matters, Janet Barton, representing the parks board and the Community Betterment Committee spoke about park and betterment projects.

She said the city parks have new signs in place. The General Army of the Republic is building a memorial for the Bicentennial Park and the parks board has selected lighting to be purchased for the city park.

She said the parks board made a recommendation on who to hire as a pool manager. The city plans to redo the restrooms and changing rooms there before the start of the pool season.

Janet Barton said the parks committee would like the pool to get a diving board, a slide, a water sprayer and something for the baby pool.

For the Community Betterment Committee, she asked the council to participate in Mount Trashmore, which would be a contest among wards to clean up the town.

Also during the two-hour meeting, the council approved a resolution to recommend MoDOT go with the second Hedgeapple Lane extension option and another resolution, allowing a beer garden at the Chamber of Commerce’s Fourth of July festival at the city park. The council also agreed to close School Street for the second annual Show Me Space festival May 16.

The council amended ordinances related to abatement and disabled/damaged vehicles. Owners of such vehicles no longer have to be given 48 hours notice to be found in violation. The council also wrote off $1,039 in utility billing bad debt.

Teresa Ressel is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-431-2010, ext. 179 or at

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