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Science Fair winners

PARK HILLS — Central West Elementary’s Science Fair continued its tradition of outstanding entries and student participation. This year 75 students presented their projects. The students were judged by grade level and could enter their project as a model, experiment, or invention.

 Participation in the fair is voluntary and all students who participated received a ribbon and award for their extra efforts. Prizes were awarded for first through fifth place at each grade level. The Parents/Teachers Club (PTC) sponsors the event each year by providing the certificates and ribbons for all.

Third grade participants included: Gina Bannister, Tori Brewster, Abby Alfaro, Natasha Muniz Gamble, Nora Graves, Emma Wade, Lauren Hawkins, Syndey Friend, Korbin Kemp, Allyson Nelson, Caitlyn Holmes, Abby Simpson, Jacie Daughtery, Chance Inman, Drew Marler, Molly Manion, Dillon Manion, Brittany Dush, and Krarissa Obenauer.

The third grade winners were first place – Brittany Dush, second place – Molly and Dillon Manion, third place – Drew Marler, fourth place – Jacie Daughtery and Chance Inman, fifth place – Abby Simpson

Fourth grade participants included: Danae Buckhanon, Rylea Trammell, Luke Manion, Ethan House, Hunter May, Brooke Hill, Jacob Bannister, Felicia Streckfuss, Dakota Smith, Victoria McKinney, Alexis Johnson, Brooke Kennon, Lexis Richarson, Michaela Cunningham, Carly Tierney, Tyler Clark, Nathan Cooks, Molly Barton, Madelynne Childers, Breeanna Seaton, Savannah Shields, Ryan Moyers, Alexus Groom, Kyler Halter, Peyton Bradley, Desyrae Wadlow, Christiana Cantrell, Joshua Barton, and Matthew Evans.

The fourth grade winners were first place ( five-way tie) –  Christiana Cantrell and Joshua Barton, Peyton Bradley and Desyrae Wadlow , Kyle Halter, Alexus Groom, Ryan Moyers, second place -Breeanna Seaton and Savannah Shields, third place – Molly Barton and Madelynne Childers, fourth place – Nathan Cooks, and fifth place – Tyler Clark.

Fifth grade participants included: Olivia Simpson, Frankie Smith, Hakeem Varner, D.J. Buckhanan, Hannah Curdt, Brandi Hahn, Essence Landers, Nyema Dowell, Robbie Lindsey, Jaqueline Hornsey, Stephanie Maciak, Gabby Willhite, Bailey Burgess, Jake Bridges, Colten Drew, Nick Ludwig, Conner Proffer, Jacob Hill, Cyrena Dowd, Sabrina Radford, Sara Young, Michelle Young, Justin Halter, Jason Asher, Grant Hutchings, Dustin Stacy, and Russell Harrington.

Fifth grade winners were first place – Russell Harrington, second place – Dustin Stacy, third place – Grant Hutchings, fourth place – Justin Halter and Jason Asher, fifth place – Sara Young and Michelle Young.

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