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Couple enjoy ‘Prosperity’

Norman and Lisa Bennett started visiting the area 25 years ago because of the beauty and rivers. They moved here in 1994 and he started Norman Bennett Construction. In 2001 Norm’s Place was opened and from there they have grown their business venture into another shop, Prosperity Resale Boutique.

Prosperity Resale Boutique opened March 2 in Maple Valley Shopping Center. They moved to Farmington for more space. The building they were in was two stories and was cramped. There was not a lot of space for customers to move or walk through. Lisa has expanded her inventory.

“Most resale shops here have the same things. I try to have things that are different. I have ladies that live here and bring in clothing from California when they lived there,” she said.

Lisa said the new shop has more clothing and it has a chic feeling. She likes to have different items available for people when they come in. She prefers to have in-style or vintage clothing in perfect condition to sale.

The shop is set up for people who want to get rid of items. Lisa accepts boxes and bags full of clothing, but not just one item unless it’s a prom dress. She in turn gives money to the customers who bring in items.

She sells what is in perfect condition and the rest of the items are donated to Goodwill. 

The Prosperity Resale Boutique extended its hours and is now open from 9:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. The Gypsy Express, her former business, was open until  5 p.m.

“Since moving, customers are here later roaming around the store until 7, 8, or even 9 p.m. sometimes. That didn’t happen in the Desloge store,” said Norman.

Prosperity Resale Boutique carries a variety of items. They sell jewelry, both brought in and handmade by Lisa, boys’, girls’, men’s and women’s clothing, a lot of baby clothing and items, shoes and purses, home decor and household items as well as other items. Lisa also buys prom dresses and has sold wedding dresses in the past.

Norman and Lisa have always gone to auctions and yard sales and bought items. When he started Norm’s Place it was items such as tools and more expensive items.

Lisa ran Norm’s Place and eventually Norm wanted to get out of it. Lisa continued and opened up the Gypsy Express Resale Boutique.

Lisa likes having the shop by herself now because she makes the smaller items go a longer distance money wise. Where Norman buys bigger items and wants more money for them.

“It’s neat to see it now, I stand back in disbelief. It was scary though to take the leap and move to a space where we have a lease and more traffic,” said Norman.

Lisa said, “We have had several customers come from the other locations but not as many as the old store had. Some are calling me to find out where I have moved.”

“This store is so much more enjoyable and so is the shopping experience. People can come in getting what they expect and it’s more comfortable for shoppers. There is more space in the new one and it’s more enjoyable,” said Norman.

“I love what I am doing and am finally in a situation that I can keep doing it,” said Lisa.

The store is located at 742 Market Street in Maple Valley Shopping Center and their phone number is 756-4575.

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