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By the way…

Good news about Debbie! She has had cataract surgery on her eye and it has helped her sight a great deal. Diabetes had already destroyed the sight in her left eye and stroke results damaged the right, so much that she could see only objects that were very close to her eye, through only a small portion of the eye, and what she saw was blurred and indistinct. It was hoped that the surgery would help her vision, but it wasn’t a sure thing. Well, praise be to God, Debbie can now see the TV from a reasonable distance and see the faces of those around her, which she couldn’t see at all before. We are still hoping for more, of course, but what she has now is a great blessing and we are so grateful.

Change of pace here, but what we’re going to eat is a recurring thought that runs through my mind on a pretty regular basis. For a short time I was buying wonderful avocados, smooth, spring green and so large that one would make a really nice bowl of guacamole. Costing about 4 dollars each and equaling about 6 to 10 avacados like I was used to buying, I was addicted to them from the git-go and have been forever spoiled for any other kind. Did I mention they were also delicious? The problem? They have disappeared. I look every time I go into a grocery store, but I cannot find any more of those fantastic avocados. However, I am still hoping and looking. Don’t hesitate to buy them if you are lucky enough to see them, and be sure to pick up a package of guacamole mix, which in my opinion, is even better than home-made. The only thing, I think the mix is too strong if you use only the recommended amount of avocados. You can use a lot more than is called for, and make sure you have plenty of corn chips on hand.

Now that I am in food mode, and not likely to get out of it soon, at least not until I have some breakfast, I will go ahead and tell you how I feel about good ground beef: I love it! However, I have not had any that was up to my specs for quite a long time. I believe if someone would grind quality beef with a reasonable amount of fat and not saturate it with water (disgusting!), they could sell it faster than they could make it. It seems to me that as the prices go up, the quality of meat for sale in the stores is going down. There is no waste, when using ground beef, so even if it did cost as much as the high cuts                (which, of course, it shouldn’t, because whole-beef hamburger should contain both high and low price cuts of beef), you are still getting more for your money because you can eat every bite of it. You can make anything with ground beef that you can make with any other kind of beef, and it will be good. However, the key word to this discourse is        “good,” which I would not apply to any ground beef that I have brought home lately.


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