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A Different Perspective

I’m not quite certain where the phrase ‘Easter’ came from, nor do I know how the Easter Bunny, colored eggs, baskets of candy and goodies came about.  The word ‘Easter’ is not found in the Bible, yet it is used to distinguish the period of time, in the Spring, when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave.  I’m sure the worldly view of this celebration is a bunny, leaving baskets of goodies, and hiding eggs, but that certainly is not what this season is all about.  Just as Santa is substituted at Christmas  time, the world always seems to find ways to take away from the true meanings of Biblical teachings.

Jesus gave His life, on the cross, for the redemption of anyone who cares to accept His offer.  After His death, He was put into a grave that belonged to a very wealthy man.  Joseph of Aramathea was willing to let Christ’s body be buried in his hillside tomb.  A large stone was placed in front of the entrance and guards were assigned to make certain no one stole the body.  Yet, after several days, God rolled away the stone, the tomb was empty, the grave clothes lay neatly in a pile, and Jesus was not there!  Christ had risen and was alive again!  If Jesus had not risen from that grave, He would have been no different from all the other prophets and those who called themselves gods.  His resurrection proved to the world that He was God’s son and that He had a divine reason for coming to earth.  His power over death means victory!

Don’t let worldly ideas keep you from the true meaning of this season or any other time.  We should fall on our knees and worship our Heavenly Father, and thank Him for His gift of Jesus and what He paid for each of us.  May each of you find the joy and peace of knowing who Christ really is and what He has done for us, and may you have the BEST EASTER ever!      

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