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Madison County Relay for Life June 12-13

Ever feel like you are going around in circles all day and not accomplishing anything? Now, you can go around in circles all night and fight against cancer. What better accomplishment!

Remember when you wanted to stay up all night just for the fun of it?

Well, now you can and show your support to survivors, cancer patients and remember loved ones you have lost, while walking through the night.

If it has been a while since you have taken time to have fun with family and friends take the time NOW! What better way than the Relay For Life? It is an overnight event that will give you plenty of time to have fun, enjoy food, watch the entertainment and walk together.

 If you like to get out and walk for the exercise then lace up your athletic shoes and do it one night for a great cause. The fight against cancer! Every step is one step closer to a CURE!

Ever been called a “Night Owl”? Then the Relay For Life is for you! Forget about all the re-runs and infomercials on TV and do something all night with real people. Spend those restless night hours feeling like you have at least accomplished something when you can’t sleep.

Use your FEET…and your HEART and join The Relay For Life. Your involvement can save a life or help community residents continue to benefit from services offered to them from the American Cancer Society. Now use your FINGERS and dial one of the numbers provided below and join the fight against cancer.

Penny Gifford: 783-1411; Janet Wagganer: 783-9641; April Sarakas: 756-6005; Conita Follis: 783-2361 (Luminaries); Jane Bowling: 783-6123 (Survivor Registration); Deloris Weekley: 783-3712; Patty Finch: 783-7577; Barb Stacy:

783-6210; Vicki Wengler: 783-9109 (Entertainment/Games); Sandy Sonderman:

783-5104 (Food/Concessions)

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