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New board memebers sworn in

The search has started for a new superintendent for the Farmington School District.

Dr. Jerry Waddle is a search consultant for the MSBA and a retired associate professor at Southeast Missouri State University. He gave a presentation to the board Tuesday evening about their search for a new superintendent. Waddle will help the district in the selection process.

The steps in finding new superintendent will be as follows:

• A needs assessment, where they will develop profile for what they will be looking for. They will also meet with three different groups to help gather information.

• Next will be marketing of the position. This is how they will get the word out about the position and will be using the MSBA web site.

• Screening is the next step. The group will set up date when applications are due by and go over candidates that will be considered for hire.

• Next they will set up interviews for the chosen candidates and then select finalists. During this process the candidate list will be narrowed down and may or may not have another interview.

• Finally, they will have the employment process. This will include a background check and a review of other items of interest. 

The fee for the MSBA is 8 percent of first year salary and mileage expenses not to exceed $1,500. Waddle has 41 years in public education and started his teaching career in North County. While there he worked in administration before moving to SEMO.

Before the school board meeting began board member Randy Rains handed Angela Bannister Hahn and Dennis Robinson their name plates, their school board photo and a clock commemorating their time on the Farmington School Board. Hahn served on the board for nine years, while Robinson served for 15 years. 

Jane A. Bates and Dave Buerck were sworn in as board members during the meeting after winning the election earlier this month.

New officers were also named for the next year. Randy Rains was named as president. Larry Sebastian was named vice president, while Pat Momot was named as treasurer.

A student council representative reported that the group’s Adopt-a-Highway project has been completed and they are waiting for the sign to be posted. They will hold student council elections in the next two weeks and will have teacher appreciation week on May 4.

Jay Scruggs was named as the Heartland Hero for the month of April. Scruggs works at the Juvenile Detention Center as a juvenile officer. Deb Aubachon works with the Special Needs students and has been working with Scruggs since she took her current position in the district. “He always finds a glimmer of hope within students who have problems and need help. He has more patience than anyone I know,” Aubachon said before handing him the award.

“Thanks for the kind words. I am humbled by the honor. I am accepting this award on behalf of the juvenile officers. We have a wonderful partnership with the Farmington School District,” Scruggs replied.

Penny Bursac was named as the Featured teacher for April. She has worked at the Farmington Children’s Home since 1991, now known as Midwest Learning Center.

Aubachon said before handing Bursac the award, “If you think you know someone that wants to go into teaching, they need to talk to her and follow her around. She has taken children to church on holidays before when some have no place to go.”

“I love teaching; I want to thank the school district. I have been blessed, it’s a privilege and an honor,” Bursac said.

Bursac will be moving to the high school in the fall to work with the special needs students there.

A technology report was given and the majority of work has been completed at the Farmington Middle School, Roosevelt Elementary and Lincoln Intermediate. Assistant Superintendents Jerrome Watson and Jeff Williams and Howard Hoehn, project manager, met with Dell on Tuesday and AT&T on Wednesday. The project may be moving ahead of schedule.

The Reading Counts program has been upgraded and a new system has been tested and passed. A time schedule and process has been developed for the cameras and security systems. Work for that project should begin in May.

High school Principal Matt Ruble and A+ coordinator Roblyn Hatch gave their report on the A+ program for this year. Currently there are 447 students that have a signed A+ agreement on file. There are 141 seniors, 147 juniors, 100 sophomores and 59 freshmen.

There are currently 169 students who are actively tutoring. Two students have over 100 hours tutoring. Hannah Good has 107 hours and Shelby Hull has 122.5 hours.

“The A+ school program is a school-improvement initiative established by the Outstanding Schools Act of 1993. The program has raised academic standards, opened new doors to higher education and introduced students to the teaching profession through tutoring and mentoring activities.

“The primary goal of the A+ schools program is to assure that all students are well prepared to pursue advanced education and employment,” that according to the DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) web site.

The 2009 to 2010 school calendar was approved and the last day was moved up a day. The final day for that school year will be May 13, 2010.

“I am excited about working with the school district and the board to help make the district a better place. I am excited to contribute to the ideas and work with the board now,” said new board member Buerck following the meeting.

“I really enjoyed the first meeting. I appreciate all the helpfulness that is given and the enthusiasm. I look forward to learning and am excited that we had such a wonderful crowd tonight,” said new board member Jane Bates.

The next Farmington School Board meeting will be May 19 at 7 p.m. at Roosevelt Elementary school.

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