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Trooper Sarakas honored

When you are a police officer, you are never really off duty, especially if someone around you needs help.

Recently, Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Phillip G. Sarakas was one of 13 troopers honored at the Patrol’s 19th annual awards and The Masters Banquet for helping to save a woman’s life when he was off duty.

On November 29, 2008, Sarakas was off duty and attending a family birthday party at the Old Times Cafe in Fredericktown.

He observed an elderly female stand up from a table where she had been seated. Although she did not display the universal sign for choking, she was obviously in distress and unable to speak.

Trooper Sarakas immediately approached the elderly female and verified she needed assistance. He then instructed his wife to call 9-1-1 and proceeded to apply an abdominal thrust three times. The elderly woman was then able to gasp for air.

An ambulance arrived and transported her to a local hospital. She has since recovered.

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