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Officials lock down school after report of man carrying gun

FARMINGTON — A scare at the end of the school day Monday resulted in a slight delay in students leaving Farmington High School. It was later determined not to be a threat, but was still viewed as a learning experience for all involved.

Farmington police converged on an area near the high school at 3 p.m. Monday after a concerned parent reported a man with a gun. Not knowing what the specifics were initially, a decision was made to “lock down” the school until law enforcement could arrive and check out the situation.

Students were kept inside the school and the entrances and exits were secured.

But it only took a couple minutes for police to arrive and investigate. They discovered that the man was licensed to carry a concealed firearm. He was not on school property, therefore he was not in violation of any law.

Apparently the parent who reported the weapon happened to catch a glimpse as the man shifted the position of the concealed firearm. While in this instance the “suspect” was within his rights to possess the weapon, officials say the parent still did the right thing by alerting the school district — and ultimately the police.

Once it was determined the situation was safe, the school canceled the lock down and students were allowed to leave.

“This situation confirms the value of practicing safety drills on a regular basis and the importance of open communication between parents and school officials,” a district spokesperson said following the incident.

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