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Tips still being sought in dognapping case

There are no new developments in the reported dognapping that occurred a month ago.

Anna Madsen, who runs the Love A Dog Rescue and Sanctuary at her home near Farmington, told police that someone broke into her home, took six of her own dogs and left a ransom note.

On Thursday, Sheriff Dan Bullock said there is nothing new to report in the case. Anyone with information can contact the Sheriff’s Department at 573-431-2777 or 573-756-3252.

Madsen said only those dogs were taken. The dogs in the shelter on her property were not.

Among the six dogs that were taken was Gizmo, the mascot of the organization. Three of the dogs have been micro-chipped. They include Gizmo, Jack, the Miniature Pinscher and Lizzi the Rat Terrier. Madsen is asking any pound or organization to scan for microchips with any dogs that might come in.

Jenna, Snickers and Moses the Malti-Poo were the other three that are missing. They were all small-breed dogs.

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