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Corn rows

I was a little worried about growing corn for the first time, but so far, it’s been the best thing I’ve started. The rain held up my planting schedule, frustratingly because I’d already soaked my corn overnight. At first, I had them in damp paper napkins. Soon, they were sending out roots through the paper. I then transferred them to a plate with a little water surrounding the roots at the bottom. This caused my uncle to remark after seeing them on my counter, “I ain’t never seen anyone grow corn like that before.” But I wasn’t too worried, yet.

That same uncle was kind enough to come over and plow up the rest of my garden. After marking out the plots and digging with a shovel in the oppressive heat, I looked for someone with a tiller. I called rental places and friends. A friend of the family came over and used his. The first row was started when the tiller unexpectedly quit. So, the garden sat for another week. Then my uncle came along with his tiller and worked over the whole thing. I was happy to see all the soil broken up and earthworms crawling all over the place.

Meanwhile, the corn was exploding in growth sitting on the counter. I had to get it in and prove that I could do it without messing up all my work so far. Carefully, my cousin and I made impressions on circular mounds down the rows and planted three to a spot one evening. I was excited to drag out the hose and water all my new corn. I clamped my hand down on the nozzle and…nothing. Not even a trickle. Lovely, my “new” old house was already giving me problems. No matter, the corn still had to be watered. I found two buckets and started hauling water out from the tub two at a time. Making about half a dozen trips, it finally got done.

With all my grumbling about the rain, one positive aspect has come out of it. My corn is being watered, saving me from hauling out bucket after bucket waiting on my pump to get fixed.

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