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A Different Perspective

This is the time of year when all of us are able to get lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  We either grow some ourselves, or we get them at the farmer’s market or grocery stores.  Any way we choose is fine, but the more fresh items we consume, the better off we are physically and mentally.  Seeing those bright red tomatoes on the vines reminds us that each one we eat is good for our heart and blood system.  When one of my brothers was having a slight eye problem, mother had him drink carrot juice for a month, and his eyes improved greatly.  Kept him from having to wear glasses and he doesn’t wear any to this day, and he is in his 80’s!  Haven’t you heard how good sweet potatoes are for you?  Besides being delicious, they actually help with diabetes.  Eating those long white sticks of celery helps with bone strength.  Does that remind you of anything?  I don’t know why kidney beans were named that unless it is because they are shaped liked a kidney and help heal and maintain kidney functions.  Did you know that every onion we use helps with our elimination of waste materials?  So, when mother or grandmother says, “You need to eat your vegetables; they are good for you”, she is right!  Our parents really are smarter than we might think!!

How many of you just love fresh fruit?  Well, did you know that figs grow in twos and are full of seeds. They increase mobility of male sperm and help overcome sterility.  Citrus fruits help with lymph movements in and around the breasts, and a cluster of grapes looks like our blood cells and helps our heart.  Avocados and pears help prevent cervical cancer and balances the hormone system.  Also, they take nine months to grow!  Olives help the health and function of the ovaries and walnuts help develop more than three dozen transmitters for brain function.

I imagine you weren’t expecting a science lesson, but it is interesting to me that so much of what we eat really does affect our health and well being.  If we would decide to eat better, I’m sure that each of us would feel better.  God has given us a wide variety of foods from which to chose.  It is up to us to decide what we will do with them.   

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