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Need a date? Try an auction

FARMINGTON – If you are playing the dating game and are in the market for somebody new, you may want to check out the Moonlighting For a Cure bachelor/bachelorette auction Friday night at Spokes Pub and Grill. The Huntin’ For A Cure team is holding the event to benefit Relay For Life.

The event will get under way at 8:30 p.m. with radio personality Mark Toti serving as the master of ceremony.

“We are going to run this like a traditional auction,” said Team Captain Mindy Weber. “We will have bios of all our singles available for participants prior to the auction. We have police officers, attorneys, drug court officials and employees from numerous other state agencies who are participating.”

Weber said there will be seven bachelors and seven bachelorettes in the auction.

“We still have people calling wanting to add their names to the list,” she said. “We don’t have enough date packages to add anymore though. Each one of our singles comes with date package, so the high bidder won’t have to pay for the date.”

Weber said the top two bidders will have the option of receiving Cardinals’ tickets for their dates.

“We thought this was something new and different we could do to raise money,” Weber said. “I work with a lot of professionals in the community who were willing to participate in the auction.”

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