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Flying the coop

I was baking this evening when I noticed the chirping coming from the porch was starting to echo and get louder. Curious, I went out to check on them and saw that all seven had gotten out of their box and were wandering loose around the floor.

Thankfully, they aren’t into flying right now – just hopping. Squawking loudly while I gathered them up, I put them back in their box. I felt bad for ruining their fun, on the other hand, I don’t want poop all over the floor.

I had brought home a bigger and taller box that I hurriedly taped up. Putting paper and hay in the bottom, I moved the box in place and scooped up all the trouble-makers and put them in their new residence.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that I’m running out of time to build their permanent house. At first, being inside for six to eight weeks seemed like a really long time. Now, at least a month has flown by (no pun intended) and nothing has been started in that regard.

Tomorrow, I’m checking out chicken house plans. The last thing I want is seven full-grown chickens running around my house. Although the cats might enjoy that, my floors and feet won’t.

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