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USDA office helps make dream come true

On March 11, 2009, Joshua and Brandina Honerkamp came in to the Farmington USDA Rural Development office. They didn’t seem any different than any other potential homebuyer at first, but less than 10 minutes into the appointment, the office staff could tell there was something different about this couple. Josh and Brandi were motivated go-getters. They were ready to own a home.

As the staff went through the usual initial appointment, they were able to somewhat get to know this bright young couple. They are both in college, working, and raising their son, Mason. After a short time, the office was able to give them the good news. Their dream of owning their own home would finally come true. 

Upon receiving a Certificate of Eligibility, along with a letter of approval, they were ready to go looking for their first home. It didn’t take long to find a home they both agreed would be the perfect home to raise their son.  In fact, they found this perfect house in less than two weeks. Everything was going according to plans.

Josh and Brandi, along with Mason, were able to close on their new dream home on April 2nd, only three weeks after first setting foot into the USDA Rural Development office.  Rural Development is always excited to be able to make the dream of owning a home a reality.

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