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Madison County Land Records

QCD Christine J. Clark to Junior R. Warren

QCD Beatrice Peggy-Mae Porter to Harless J. Menteer   

QCD Dennis L. Barrett to The BLM Trust

QCD Madison R. Stevens and wife Trust to David E. Stevens and wife

Ben Deed William D. Starkey and wife to Rebecca L. McFarland et al

WD Wilma K. Thompson to Chad E. Skiles and wife

WD Kevin L. Morrow and wife to Larry D. Boyer and wife et al

WD Altus Management Serv, Inc. to Amber Norvell

WD Ruby A. Cook by trustee to Trustees of Franklin St. Church of Christ

WD Russell Tibbs to Paul A. Sasser and wife

WD Ronnie K. Heltibrand and Husband to Russell Tibbs

WD Chad A. Hollingsworth and wife to Mary L. Lord et al

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