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Cupcakes are the latest, hottest trend

Two local Farmington residents are making their mark with the help of a sweet tooth.

Kerrie Boyer and Shanna Moore created The Hospitality Group, LLC less than a year ago and are already a hit with local residents.

True Confections was the fourth business added to the company they built. They put a spin on a birthday party favorite —  cupcakes.

True Confections delivers rich, creamy, moist cupcakes slathered with luscious toppings, presently in perfectly-sized portions of pure elation.

Moore has 15 years experience within corporate and community event planning and weddings. Boyer studied design in college and has been entertaining locally for six years.

The Hospitality Group, LLC is an event planning business that originally included three venues: Lasting Impressions for weddings, Get Togethers, for family fun and Business and Beyond for both corporate and family.

“I love working with people and seeing their best memories delivered in a well-planned event,” said Moore.

Boyer and her daughter Caroline began researching the most current wedding trends. It was then they realized that cupcakes were a hot item. 

“I used to throw dinner parties for my parents’ friends. I think I was born with the desire to plan special events for others to enjoy,” said Boyer.

After deciding on cupcakes Boyer approached her good friend Rachel Jue.

“Rachel has such a love for baking and she’s very bold in her approach to flavor and willing to try things I would never have imagined,” said Boyer.

They add that there is no denying cupcakes are the latest trend.

“We aren’t trying to be trendy. Rather, we want to bring something special to the community. Something that gives others a delight on an otherwise ordinary day or a bright spot for an occasion,” said Boyer.

The first trial run for the cupcakes was in support of the ‘The Desperate Housewives for a Cure Team, St. Francois County Relay.’ They joined other women who owned businesses and held a ladies night out event on June 5th. In less than two hours time they sold 60 cupcakes resulting in $200 cash donation for a cure.

“The best business is born from passion,” added Moore.

True Confections, of the sweetest kind are created locally at the Tippery Tea Room in the Factory. They were featured at Jennie Annie’s Blitz and Bling party recently.

They are also available everyday at Ivy and Twigs located in downtown Farmington.

“Our creations are customized for every occasion and are available in all sizes, no order is too large or small,” said Jue.

True Confections has 40 cupcakes on their menu now and continue to come up with new flavors. Some of the cupcakes have alcohol ingredients and this is noted on their list.

To order True Confections cupcakes call 366-8781 or 701-7615 or visit their Web

site: They can also be found on

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