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The Ecumenical Connection

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If you are a Pastor in Fredericktown or an active member of a church in Fredericktown, you are cordially invited to attend a monthly luncheon.

We are a newly forming group committed to honoring God’s Call to serve others. Our hope is to listen to the needs of the community and work with the Caring Council and East Missouri Action Agency in order to serve the real and spiritual needs of those living in the Fredericktown area.

We will each pay for our own lunch.

Our goal is to add to the existing resources in Fredericktown as we gather to connect and support one another and our community.

For more information contact the Reverend Pam’la Cowan at 636-208-2626 or 783-2092, or any one of the following churches: United Methodist, First Presbyterian, the Christian Church, the Catholic Church or Coppermines Baptist Church.

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