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Council makes revisions to handbooks

FARMINGTON — The Farmington City Council administrative services committee suggested some revisions be made to the city employees handbooks during their meeting Thursday night.

Paula Cartee, city clerk, and two other city employees formed a committee to suggest revisions and additions to more than five sections. They were made because wording was not clear or items were not listed.

Residency, sick leave, fire department, transfers and education assistance were topics that were discussed. The handbooks had not been revised since June 2007. Proposed changes will be approved at the next meeting.

Also discussed was the current status of the Economic Development Coordinator. City Administrator Greg Beavers said about 45 applications were received. 

Five candidates have been selected to interview. Those five will meet with a group of members from the community. Two applicants are from Ohio, one from Idaho, one from Missouri and one from Virginia.

The final decision to hire will come from Beavers, then Mayor Stuart “Mit” Landrum.

The city council approved the purchase of land on Perrine Rd. and Korber Rd. near the airport.

Four new bills were introduced to the council for their consideration in the future. 

The first was the Administrative Inspection Warrants. The warrant will allow city personnel to enter buildings if they believe there is a cause to inspect the structure for code violations. The council then heard about the building codes and renovations. 

The council also heard a first reading on creating a Senior Services Advisory Board.

Finally an ordinance amending a previous bill about excavations on streets, sidewalks and other public places was read.

The public services committee reported that the Fourth of July celebrations were calm and no incidents were reported. Also mentioned was vandalism at Harlan Park. Dennis Smith reported that there has been extra patrol in the area.

The Public Works committee presented a report about deteriorating roads in Farmington Meadows. The committee voted to put the repairs in next year’s budget.

They also voted to keep streets one way on Columbia St. and Liberty St. in downtown Farmington.

The next Farmington City Council meeting will be held Monday July 27 at 6:30 p.m. at the Farmington Memorial Long Hall.

Maridee Lawson is a reporter for the Daily Journal. She can be reached at 756-8927 or

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