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Bismarck Aldermen discuss street sign thefts, table airport lease

BISMARCK — A proposal to change the name of a city street was turned down by the Bismarck Board of Aldermen Thursday night. Mayor Dennis Mayberry said the city has been having a problem with street sign thefts on High Street. The city’s department of public works recommended the board consider changing the name of the street to deter pranksters from stealing the signs.

“It nearly takes an act of Congress to change the name of a street,” Mayberry said. “Changing the name of the street is not the answer to the problem.”

Mayberry said the board recommended the city crew use different measures to bolt the signs down so they are more difficult to steal.

The discussion concerning the airport lease was tabled. Mayberry said the city’s attorney needs to fix some of the language in the lease before it is approved.

The board did discuss storm water issues on Cherry Street and directed the city crews to start cleaning out the storms drains.

“They actually got started today (Friday) on this,” Mayberry said. “This was per the advice from the city’s engineer.”

The board approved moving forward with a proposed environmental assessment. The assessment will be done by Environmental Data Services. Mayberry said it is necessary if the city wants to qualify for any grant money for the new wastewater treatment plant.

The board also discussed informational correspondence with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerning the treatment plant.

“They basically told us we are moving in the right direction with building a new plant,” Mayberry said.

In closed session the board promoted Dave Raymer from a reserve police officer to a part-time police officer. Phillip Cook was also hired as a part-time police officer. Clint Slinkard was also hired part-time for the utility department.

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