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Two Labs will steal your heart

FARMINGTON — When Jerry Gentry went to a barbecue at his neighbor’s home for Thanksgiving little did he know he would make two very good friends. Gentry said while everyone was enjoying the barbecue a couple of unexpected guests picked up on the aroma. Two chocolate Lab mix puppies decided to crash the party.

“They decided to come up because they smelled the barbecue,” Gentry said. “When my neighbor got up the next morning they were sleeping on his front porch. I told him I would come up and find them a home. For about six months my wife and I provided a foster home to the two dogs.”

Gentry named the two Labs Duke and Luke. He describes them as two incredible, great looking chocolate Lab mix puppies with green eyes and webbed paws.

The Farmington Pet Adoption Center agreed to pay for Duke and Luke’s shots and to have them neutered.

“They are loving and like to play with each other,” Gentry said. “They are very well behaved and were being whistle trained to return to me. They need a farm to run on or a large fenced yard. They also love the water.”

Gentry said Duke and Luke get along well with other dogs and people within a short period of time. He also said the dogs were very gentle with his wife who has Multiple Sclerosis.

Gentry has taken Duke and Luke to the Farmington Pet Adoption with hopes of finding them a permanent home.

“I’m afraid to go and visit them because I know they would come back home with me,” he said.

For more information about Duke and Luke call the Farmington Pet Adoption Center at 573-756-8658 or Gentry at 573-358-7866.

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