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A Different Perspective

I had a small yard sale this past week.  Nothing big.  Nothing too exciting; just ‘things’ we didn’t need anymore.  I had been going through some cabinets earlier this summer and putting things in piles, waiting for the time for the sale.  I think just about every room had something that was to go in the sale, so when the time came to take it all out into the yard, my house looked pretty ‘clean’ from all the clutter.  At my age, it is time to think about ‘clearing out’ all the unnecessary ‘things’ we have accumulated.  My children have told me many times that they don’t want to have to go through all this ‘stuff’ and do something with it after I am gone!  They’ve also told their dad to do something with all his ‘stuff’ out in the garage.  So, we are working towards that end.

Lots of the ‘stuff’ we have comes in handy when working on jobs, decorating for different seasons, etc.  Being married for over fifty years, one tends to gather many things.  Some have been gifts, some we have bought and very seldom use, and others have been handed down through the years from both sides of our families.  I have to say that every time I put something aside, I was reminded of it’s origin and the thoughts that went into the item.  Some are hard to part with; others are not.  But, my main objective was to get rid of some of the clutter.

How similar is that to our everyday lives?  Down through the years, we have gathered hurts, worries, problems, stresses, wrongful acts, heartaches, and much more.  If we have not learned to give these ‘possessions’ to the Lord and allow Him to deal with them for us and through us, then our lives become cluttered and full.  The Holy Word says we are to clean out our hearts daily, give our woes to Him, and He will take care of them and us.   

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