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AYP released by state

The annual AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) report was released Aug. 5, 2009 for the Farmington School District. The results are based on the scores from the MAP tests from third through eighth grade and the End of Course exams at the high school level.

Two schools, Lincoln Intermediate and Farmington Middle School, did not make the AYP this year.

Lincoln did not make it for the second year in a row. The school missed the communication arts and math in the IEP section. The school was placed in the level one category for a school improvement process by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, or DESE.

“Where we tend to fall short is the IEP, this year was the food services. Teachers at Lincoln work hard and will continue to find ways of improving. The teachers are very realistic and talk to me and they encourage the students,” said Shirley Beiser, Lincoln Intermediate principal.

Middle School also fell short in the Communication Arts and the math in the IEP and did not meet the requirements for the third year in a row. This placed the school in the second level of the school improvement process by DESE.

“The math scores have improved this year and didn’t go down. We are already having meetings and trying to meet the standards for this year,” said Dr. Dorothy Winslow, principal at the Middle School.

Board member Kelly Legan told both principals if they need resources of any kind let the board know. She also told them to make up a wish list of what they need to help them achieve their goals for this year.

Farmington High School, Washington-Franklin, Jefferson and Roosevelt elementary schools each met their requirements.

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