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Fredericktown Fall Men’s League

Aug. 19th

David and the Giants over Castor River Roadhouse   21-4

David and the Giants over Wilson Funeral Home    17-0

Patton Softball over Mill’s Construction    21-6

Patton Softball over Wilson Funeral Home   18-2

Believer’s Fellowship over Wilson’s Funeral Home  22-7

Neaman’s Softball over Mill’s Construction    21-5

American Family Insurance over Neaman’s Softball   23-20

Believer’s Fellowship over Castor River Roadhouse   28-10

American Family Insurance over Mill’s Construction   20-4


Patton Softball     2-0

David and the Giants   2-0

Believer’s Fellowship    1-0

American Family Insurance   1-0

Neaman’s Softball   1-1

Mill’s Construction   0-2

Castor River Roadhouse    0-2

Wilson Funeral Home    0-2

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