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Fredericktown Police Arrest Memorial Park Break-in Suspects

A public comment meeting regarding setting the tax rate was held from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. with no comments being heard.

The City Council met both in a work session and Full Council Monday evening. At the Full Council meeting, Captain Tomlinson II reported Officers A. Stevens and L. Ramirez were instrumental in catching the persons responsible for break-ins at the city pool, rock wall concession stand and the Middle School.

Police remind residents:  posting of yard sale signs and other postings are not allowed on city utility poles.

Also, police and Sheriff Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) checkpoints are being established through September 7.

In other agenda items;

The council heard reports from Greg Shinn regarding the upcoming budget. Shinn spoke about the proposed budget which included discussions on the employee’s health insurance plan, the capital improvement projects, repairs to the airport including the terminal building and the hangars, electrical sub-station repairs or replacements, vehicle repairs for the high lift,  the need (or lack of) new police vehicles, the financing payments being applied to the new fire truck and other debt payment arrangements, a possible raise of $5.00 in the base electric charge, the long awaited electric rate study is in the proposed budget, and various other department budget proposals. The final budget has not been approved yet. It will be approved sometime in the next few weeks

Aldermen Rick Polete suggested the pool have another piece of equipment budgeted for the coming  year. He suggested another diving board or slide be installed. Public Works Director Ken McDowell reminded the Council that two diving boards had been at the pool once before, however, the children were diving in at the same time and causing safety concerns, so one was removed.

The aldermen heard bid proposals from City Engineer Tim Baer regarding improvements along Commercial Drive in Fredericktown at the work session. Three companies bid on the work with the lowest bid accepted at Full Council by Lappe Cement Finishing, Inc. for $388,774.94. Fronabarger Concreters, Inc. bid $448,154. And J.H. Berra bid $543,825.10. A base bid and three alternate bids were included in the work plan. The alternate plan bids included additional work on culverts.

Ward I Alderman Paul Brown will be attending A Homeland Security Workshop  in Las Vegas; September 13-18, 2009. There is  no cost to the city, the trip is fully funded by Homeland Security. The workshop is part of his training as a firefighter/paramedic.

The city has arranged for meetings with the Planning, Development and Ordinance (PDO) committee to be held on the third Thursday of the month. Meetings with the Budget, Finance and Personnel (BFP) committee are set for the third Tuesday of the month.

At Full Council, Mayor Danny Kemp presented a request from Veteran Robert Sprague Jr. for support in passing a bill to assist disabled veterans.

Kemp also passed along his appreciation of all the work city employees have been doing. He also requested the public in general work with employees when the power has failed. Kemp said, “Please work with us while we are restoring power.” He went on to say, We understand your concerns but remember, safety is a big factor. It is difficult to work safely with someone snipping at you while concentrating on restoring the power.

City Administrator Jim Dismuke told the aldermen about an opportunity for AmeriCorp Vista Volunteer Shanna Sorg to attend a three-day Hazard Mitigation Grant workshop.  The workshop will help Fredericktown apply for grants to mitigate the hazards of flood damage (or other damages) when it happens.

A sink hole has opened up at the Fredericktown airport according to Dismuke. The aldermen were told the hole is about ten feet around and about two feet deep. Further investigation into the problem will be done. Dismuke said the city plans on contacting geological groups in the area for more information and possibly find some maps of the old mines which may have caused the hole.

City taxes may now be paid at the Madison County Collectors office. Aldermen approved the measure at the Full Council meeting. The county will be paid three percent for the city tax collections.

The tax rate levy was set at $0.7076 on each $100 of assessed valuation on all property situated with the City.

The park fund levy is set at $0.1227 for each $100 of assessed valuation on all property situated in the City. One nay vote was heard from Ward III Alderwoman Karen Wright.

The total assessed valuation of all property in the City, as shown by a certified abstract transmitted to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Fredericktown by the County Clerk of Madison County, Missouri is $31,760,089 as listed in the Ordinance passed at Full Council.

An ordinance authorizing the acceptance of a Deed of dedication from Linda L. Unnerstall was approved.

An ordinance creating a financial agreement between the City and First State Community Bank establishing a line of credit for $500,000 was approved.

An ordinance between the City and MoDOT authorizing a Road Relinquishment Agreement for a portion of Old State Highway 72 was approved.

The final subdivision plat for Madison Village-Phase One ordinance was tabled due to a Bond not being received by the City.

St. Michael Church has received approval for their temporary liquor license for October-fest.

Fredericktown resident Sandy LaPlant again asked the city if they are looking into the matter of the high electric rates being charged to the Madison County Senior Center. Dismuke said the City intends to evaluate the issue.

Closed session followed for a real estate matter.

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