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Robert’s Copy

You take a big drink from a cup at the water fountain and THEN notice something in your cup.

You buy new tires from the tire dealer the same day the carpenters arrive and park in your driveway; unloading nails, screws and various other tire mangling metal objects.

You mailed off your bills and  discover the check for the car insurance is in the envelope going to the car loan company and the mortgage loan payment is going to your brother-in-law.

The post office returns all those payments a week later for failure to apply postage.  In a hurried state to remail the bills, you lick the self-adhesive postage stamp.

You call the mortgage company to try and ward off any late payments fees due to the mail mix-up, only to discover they have sold your home loan. You’re told the new company will be contacting you with an address where you can mail the payment.

It’s your day to car pool the kids to school and your husband  took your car to work without telling you because his  broke down.

After a simple repair…

You’re traveling on an expressway with exits that are 10 miles apart and remember you had hot coffee and two bran muffins for breakfast.

You get stopped for speeding and try to explain to the officer why your insurance card wasn’t up-to-date due to the mail mix-up, to no avail.  (You swear off bran muffins for life).

You stop at the drive-in bank window on a 30 minute lunch break with only one car ahead of you and you find the car in front  can’t get the tube transport to work. When you try to back up, another car has already moved in behind you.

While at the big game you discover the doctor didn’t tell you about all the side effects your new medicine has. (Let your imagination run wild here).

You make a call on your cell phone to let your husband know you’re no longer upset about the car switch. You start rattling off some intimate ideas you’re planning for after the game, and THEN discover you’ve gotten a wrong number.

Your son/daughter has switched the cell phone ringer without telling you. A rendition of “School’s Out For  the Summer” by Alice Cooper blares out while you’re at the school board meeting.

You arrive home and while fixing dinner, remember you didn’t pick up the kids up from school. Racing out the door you discover;

One of the new tires are flat…

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