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A Different Perspective

May we never forget the ultimate sacrifice that thousands of Americans paid on 9/11/01!  It should be a constant reminder to us of the simple fact that there are those in this world that do not like our country, are jealous of our prosperity, have no idea what it means to be a free nation, and are willing to do whatever it takes to destroy us.  At the same time, most Americans are willing to stand, and fight, and let the world know that we are proud of who we are. 

Now, more than ever before, Americans need to stand up and be counted.  Let’s remember what it has taken for us to become the strong nation that we are;   hard work, sacrifice, diligence, creativity, imagination, faith, prayer, dedication.  ‘Lest we forget’ and let others dictate and destroy what our founding fathers stood for, we must take a stand and be counted.  Personally, I love my country and am more than proud to be an American!

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