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Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

It’s the 1930’s, and the Bank of Marquand has just been robbed….

The Mark-One Players Society is once again staging their Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre at Homan Hall in Marquand, MO.  Performed on April 18, 2009 to a sold-out crowd, the MOPS Squad is repeating this fun-filled evening on Friday, September 25, 2009 as a kick off to Pioneer Days ’09!

An original script written by Clara Sitze-Mouser, based on an actual Bank Robbery that took place in Marquand in the 1930’s will captivate, entertain and bring back memories of yesteryear, as YOU take part in unraveling this tangled tale of Murder, Mystery and Mayhem! 

The setting is a Grand Party being given to welcome Marquand’s new Depot Agent, and is hosted by none other than the owner of The Reagan Hotel.  Upon arrival, guests will be officially welcomed and from that moment on, the atmosphere becomes the 1930’s!  Period costumes by some characters will help set the mood (period dress not required), along with music and conversation from that era. 

Seating is limited to the first 100 guests, and advance reservations are required.  If you have an adventurous side, or just happen to be curious about how this tale based on fact, yet laced with imagination and embellished with fiction will unfold, then you’ll want to call 573-783-5262 and reserve your seats TODAY! 

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