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Hypnotist comes to North County

A hypnotist is coming to North County High School as a fundraiser for the school’s FCCLA.

Hypnotist Joel Harrison will perform at 7 p.m. Thursday at North County High School. The cost is $10. Tickets can be purchased from executive council members or at the high school office.

The money raised will be used for the FCCLA’s Sweetheart Dance, community projects and events.

Mind Odyssey Comedy Hypnosis is a full audience participation show. Willing volunteers will be led on a journey through the subconscious mind with hilarity and silliness ensuing.

Volunteers are the stars of the show and are treated as such, making their experience the best in the house. “But the view from the seats isn’t bad either” said Harrison. 

The actions of the volunteers rely directly on the suggestions of Harrison during this special “Mind Odyssey” performance. 

“Each and every show I do is unique because I am using real volunteers who interpret each suggestion differently,” Harrison said. “The volunteers become the stars of the show and it is extremely important that they are treated as stars — never being embarrassed and never being asked (or allowed) to do anything inappropriate.”

Harrison said he began studying hypnosis as a child under the close tutelage of his father. He is a graduate of the Mottin and Johnson School of Stage Hypnosis. He has been performing as a stage hypnosis professionally for the last five years.

Much of his time is spent performing for high school crowds. For more information, visit

Hypnosis is a process that begins with approval. No one can be hypnotized against their will. When asked who can be hypnotized Joel says, “Everyone can be hypnotized as long as they want to be. No one is ever forced to come up on stage and be hypnotized. 

Every Mind Odyssey Show comes with a positive message about the power of the human mind; instilling confidence, power, and the strength to conquer all of life’s goals.

He said hypnosis is a very good tool for therapy and helps people to stop smoking, and to lose weight.

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