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A Different Perspective

I can’t help but wonder how many times a day we use ‘towels’.  We use them to dry our hands.  We use them to dry the dishes; that is, if you don’t have a dishwasher that dries the dishes for you.  We use them after a bath or shower.  When we wash our hair.  After we get out of the pool in the summertime.  As we come in out of the rain when we forget our umbrella.  Sometimes we grab a towel to wipe up a spill or wipe down an outside chair or cushion.  We use towels to wipe our children or grandchildren’s faces when their noses run or they have food running down their cheeks.  Some football fans wave them in the air to encourage their teams to do better, or to distract the opposing team; especially when kicking fieldgoals. 

There are some paper towels that are usually rough and brown and hard and we usually find them in public restrooms!   There are also some very soft paper towels.  There are the usual cloth towels that we use around the bathroom.   Spongy towels we generally use in the kitchen and for clean up jobs.  And, I am sure there are many more different kinds that I haven’t even thought of.  But, whatever kind we have and use, they all serve a purpose.

Not long ago, I heard a pastor preach on being a ‘towel bearer’.  A ‘towel bearer’ is one who has the life of a servant.  Have you ever been to a ‘foot washing’ church?  That humbling experience makes one realize exactly what it is to become a servant and not one who requires constantly being served.  “Towel bearers” receive blessings because of their willingness to be of service to others.  My question to you is this:  Are you willing to become a ‘towel bearer’ ?

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