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Park Hills honors Ernie Wadlow

The Park Hills City Council on Tuesday voted to repair an aerial sewer crossing over the Flat River and buy two new patrol cars for the police department.

Also during the regular monthly meeting, the board voted to issue a resolution supporting the Central School District’s request for a $4 million bond issue to build an 18,000-square-feet addition to Central Elementary School. During the visitor’s session, Dr. Desi Mayberry, superintendent of the Central School District, talked about the need for the addition, which would house seven new classrooms, a set of restrooms and a multi-purpose room. Increases in enrollment and a favorable bond market with low interest rates will allow the district to issue the bonds without causing a tax increase.

The meeting began with a presentation by Mayor David Easter of a plaque of appreciation to R. Ernest Wadlow.

The Park Hills man just retired from the Flat River Senior Center Aid Association’s board of directors for the senior apartments in the old National Hotel in Downtown Park Hills. A retired building trades teacher, Wadlow has served on the board since 1981. Easter recognized him for “consistent performance and outstanding community service.”

After receiving the award, Wadlow said, “I’m happy that I could be involved in it and help other people have a place to live. We need to keep helping people.”

After seeing bids from several auto sales businesses, the council voted 7 to 0 (with Ward 1 Councilman Mike Glore absent) to accept the lowest bid from Auffenberg Chevrolet. The company will sell the city two 2010 Chevrolet Impala 9C3 patrol cars at a cost of $42,020 each.

City Administrator John Kennedy explained that flooding in May damaged some of the sewer pipes that span Flat River near Haney Park. One had to be repaired immediately as it was leaking its contents into the river.

A second pipe is bent and needs repair before it begins to leak. The city had hoped to postpone that work until they heard whether their application for FEMA funds had been addressed. If it is, FEMA will pay for 75 percent of the repair work.

However, the board did not want to risk problems and voted unanimously to repair that crossing now instead of waiting for the FEMA funds. LOANA Contractors submitted the winning bid, which included an estimate of $16,000 for repair of this sewer crossing. One of the crossings pipes was undamaged, but the flood washed away the center support. That support would be replaced using FEMA funds if the application is successful.

Kennedy said FEMA was concerned about two additional pipes that cross the river downstream. Although those crossings were not damaged, the emergency agency said they need to be better protected in case there is another flood. The city plans to place the crossing pipes into casings.

The council also granted a request by the Guardian Security Company for an additional license that will allow the company to provide uniformed security personnel for the Division of Family Services’ office on Staples Drive. The license is required by city ordinances.

Paula Barr is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-431-2010, ext. 172 or at

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