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Class 4 district football – The final say

BONNE TERRE — With their win over De Soto last Friday, the 2-7 North County Raiders gave themselves a shot at continuing their season into the postseason play of the State playoffs.

The standings after the first two games of the Districts are Festus (2-0) +21, De Soto (1-1) +6, North County (1-1) -6, and Windsor (0-2) -21. Festus has already clinched a play-off berth. The only question is whether they will be District champs or runner-up.

Because of the district point system, North County cannot win their district. They can only go as the runner-up in the state’s second year of allowing two qualifiers from each district.

If they should pull it off, they would play Sikeston (now 9-0) in a Regional game. The Raiders play Windsor tonight, and Windsor has already been eliminated as far as the state playoffs go. They can only play spoiler for the Raiders.

Here are the possible outcomes after tonight’s final District games.

• Festus win and North County win:

 Festus wins District, North County is runner-up.

• De Soto win and Windsor win:

 De Soto wins District, Festus is runner-up by virtue of head to head win over North County.

• De Soto win and North County win:

 If De Soto wins by 8 or more — De Soto wins District, Festus is runner-up.

 If De Soto wins by 7 or less — Festus wins district, North County is runner-up.

• Festus win and Windsor win:

 Festus wins district at 3-0, North County is runner-up if they lose by only one point and De Soto loses by 13 or more, otherwise De Soto is runner-up.

North County Athletic Director David Haug contributed to this report.

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