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Ozark Construction sending care packages for troops

Ozark Constructors employees are getting ready to send care packages to soldiers for Thanksgiving.

Roger Gagliano, the construction manager for Ozark Constructions which is rebuilding the Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir, said Monday through Wednesday, they will be sending out care packages for Thanksgiving. Christmas packages will be sent out in mid-December.

They need names of new soldiers or ones they are not aware of. Contact Roger at 314-206-1680 or 314-223-5703 or e-mail

The employees have already conducted six Troop Care Package drives for local soldiers serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo. The soldiers were primarily from Arcadia Valley and surrounding areas.

They just sent out more than 70 very large care packages for Labor Day.

He said the drives have been so successful and it has been so rewarding to the employees. They continue to correspond with soldiers and adopt new ones. They have a large bulletin board at the job site with photos and thank you letters.

Employees also had help from Ameren employees at Taum Sauk, Paul C. Rizzo Associations, Laborers Local 913, Operating Engineers Local 513, Carpenters Local 1795, and Teamsters Local 600.

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