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Aldermen vote to increase water deposits

BISMARCK — New water customers in Bismarck will have to pay higher deposits. The board of aldermen voted Thursday night to increase the deposit for water service from $25 to $50.

“The $25 deposit wasn’t staying up with the times,” said Mayor Dennis Mayberry. “If someone didn’t pay their water bill and then moved, $25 in most cases didn’t cover the outstanding balance.”

The board gave permission to Doug and Rose Bell to dig a well for geothermal heating pending the approval of the subdivision association the couple resides in.

Darrel Armstead requested the board look into damage that had occurred at a residence located at 805 Sundale.

The board approved a resolution to appoint and re-appoint members to the planning and zoning commission. The board also received an update on the proposed truck stop project.

“They are getting ready to dig some test holes for the sewer pipes to make sure they don’t hit rock,” Mayberry said.

The board changed an ordinance pertaining to the appointment of a building inspector. The previous ordinance stated the building inspector had to be a city employee. The new ordinance will allow the city to use an outside firm.

A business license for The Corner Cafe was approved. An ordinance concerning the acceptance and compliance requirements to obtain financial assistance through the USDA was approved. The board passed an ordinance that allows Mayberry to sign a legal service agreement on behalf of the city for the sewer project. An ordinance authorizing an engineering service agreement with Taylor Engineering was approved.

On April 3 Bismarck voters approved a $2.5 million bond issue for a new treatment plant. The city is pursuing funding for the project through the USDA Rural Development.

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