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Snow routes will see first efforts

City officials have released information regarding snow removal policies.

When inclement weather strikes, and it will sometime soon, work crews will clear snow from emergency snow routes prior to clearing residential or minor thoroughfares.

Parking on “emergency snow routes” during snow or ice events is prohibited by law. City management requests residents park off-street if possible prior to any anticipated snow or ice event.

Furthermore, the city is not responsible for vehicles blocked in by snow plow trucks. Residents are reminded that city workers do not remove snow from driveway entrances or sidewalks.

Here is the list of emergency snow routes:

Weber Road from Karsch to Wallace Road;

Wallace Road from Weber Road to Hillsboro Road;

Hillsboro Road from Wallace Road to Washington Street;

Potosi Street from Karsch to Liberty Street;

Liberty Street from Fleming Street to Maple Valley Drive.;

Columbia Street from Vernon Ave to Main Street;

Ste. Genevieve Avenue from Main Street to Veterans Drive;

“A” Street from Karsch to Aldergate Street;

Fredericktown Road from Henry Street to Lisa Drive;

Fleming Street from Lisa Drive to College Street;

Middle Street Burks Road to Ste. Genevieve Ave;

Perrine Road from Columbia Street to Aldergate Street;

New Perrine Road from U.S. Highway 67 to Aldergate Street;

KREI from College Street to Burks Road;

Overall Road from U.S. Highway 67 to Progress Drive;

Progress Drive from Overall Road to State Route 221;

Woodlawn Drive from Maple Street to City Limits;

Washington Street from Columbia Street to State Rte EE (Burks Road);

Washington Street from Aldergate Street to Columbia Street;

Vernon Ave from Aldergate Street to Columbia Street;

Aldergate Street from Washington Street to Vernon Ave;

Henry Street from Columbia Street to Old Fredericktown Road.

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