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Police arrest six more in connection with narcotics distribution

Park Hills Police have arrested six more people for distribution of a controlled substance within the last two weeks.

According to a press release issued last week, the arrests are due to an ongoing effort to combat drug dealers within Park Hills. The investigation began more than a year ago.

Concerned citizens county-wide reported that members of their family or friends had become addicted to heroin and have asked for help.

Within the last eight months, Park Hills Police have arrested more than 20 people in connection with the distribution of heroin and prescription medication. The suspects were from several jurisdictions within St. Francois County.

As the investigation broadened, it became clear that heroin was being shipped from other locations around Missouri and other states.

Numerous frustrated parents have approached the police department out of desperation for help. Park Hills Police encourage anyone who suspects their family or friends of being addicted to prescription medication or illegal narcotics to ask for help.

Detective Mike Kurtz said, “Don’t wait until it’s too late. The problem is real and won’t go away by itself.

“Park Hills Police have seen several good families be ruined by the sale of prescription medication and illegal narcotics,” he said. “Parents have walked into the police department in tears wondering why they didn’t ask for help sooner.”

Chief Bill Holloway and the police officers want people to feel comfortable to come forward with information. Your identity can often be kept confidential.

“We have active narcotics and detective divisions who have been very effective with the continued investigation of illegal narcotic sales and the crimes that surround them,” Holloway said.

Narcotics investigations do not happen over night. It can take months and doesn’t usually stop at any one location.

“It takes a committed community and Police Department to be effective,” Kurtz said. “With your continued help, we can continue to place the drug dealers behind bars.”

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