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Sheriff’s Deputy chases local man following dispute

The Madison County Sheriff’s Department responded to a domestic dispute Sunday, December 27, 2009. According to Sheriff David Lewis, a police chase ensued through the county and Fredericktown.

Charges have been filed by the Madison County Prosecutor’s Office against Donovan G. Stacy, 20, of Fredericktown according to the arrest warrant. The charges include: The defendant attempted to cause physical injury to a Fredericktown woman by hitting her in the face and/or firing a shotgun near her. This is one count of a class C felony of domestic assault in the second degree.

Stacy is also charged with one count of a class D felony in which he allegedly exhibited, in the presence of one of more persons, a pump shotgun, a weapon capable of lethal use, in an angry or threatening manner. And one count of knowingly possessing a loaded firearm while intoxicated; a class D felony.

Stacy was incarcerated at the Madison County jail awaiting a hearing.

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