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A Different Perspective

Last week, I revealed the fact that I am a ‘list maker’.  There is nothing new about that for me, but I would like to share some ideas that some of you might want to incorporate.  It is the beginning of a new year and we have the opportunity to decide if there are goals that we would like to attain in 2010.  I just received a 2010 calendar, for the year, from my oldest brother.  There are some plans that are firmly set for particular dates.  There are some possible plans that are ‘penciled in’ for other dates.  Then, there are some wishful plans that he has included.  All of these are certainly due to change, according to their health (they are both in their 80’s), family circumstances, or whatever else might have them change their minds, but they are both eager and ready to begin the new year full of energy and hope and optimism for the future.

One area of change or improvement we might consider is our health.  All of us would probably feel better if we would eat much less, drink more water, exercise more, get more sleep (at least 8 hours a night), be silent and listen to our hearts, pray more, and enjoy those around us.  I was watching “Super Nanny” the other evening and one of the things she always shares with parents is spending time with their children; getting to know them, not just demanding from them.

Another area we might add to our ‘list’ is to work on improving our own personality.  How many times do we compare ourselves with others?  Envy is a waste of time.  Do we become overworked (too busy)?  Do we have hatred or dislike for others?  Life is too short to waste on ill will.  Today is a new day; forget the past (yet learn from your mistakes), and move forward.  Any problems we may have should be opportunities for learning.  The bad will fade away, but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.  Smile and laugh more.  It will do everyone some good!  Learn to give in more and not have to be right all the time.

An area that we all can add to our list is that of doing more in our communities.  We need to become more involved in what is around us.  Call your friends and family more often.  Let them know they are important.  Give something good to others.  Ask what you can do to help solve a problem.  Let others know how much you appreciate them.  Smile more.  Reach out and touch and stop being afraid to become involved.  Look for opportunities of involvement.  Everyone can use a helping hand at some point and time in their lives; now might be that time for you to help.  

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