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Robert’s Copy

I was in Calahan’s Restaurant last week. I noticed the “Special” board had a (Mad) Jr. Burger for 14.99.

I thought that was rather a steep price for a (Mad) Jr. Burger. On the other hand, that price would be a bargain for New York restaurants.

I actually thought someone had forgotten to finish placing the dollar bill sign next to the $4. Nope, the price of the (Mad) Jr. Burger was right.

The Mad Jr. Burger is named after the dishwasher according to Calahan’s. It is one of his favorite dishes. Now the “Mad Jr. Burger Challenge” hasn’t been weighed yet, but you can bet you won’t see the bottom of your plate for a while.

Calahan’s is offering a public challenge to eat all the food on the plate within twenty  minutes. If you do, Calahan’s said they will give you a tee shirt, take a picture for the wall and give you the entire meal for free. A drink is offered, but the cost of the drink is not in the price of the meal. However, if you beat the challenge, the price of the drink is also free.

I would like to photograph someone taking the challenge for the Democrat News. The person I photograph will have to go in the paper, win or lose, once the challenge has been accepted. However, there is no obligation to take the challenge and be in the newspaper. You can just try your luck at downing the spicy hot food within 20 minutes.

Calahan’s said they had one person accept the challenge already, but they did not finish the meal.

So, if you are a BIG eater and have at least twenty minutes to spare, you might just want to make a name for yourself in Fredericktown.  (Maybe this idea will catch on and more local restaurants will create their own challenge meal with their own reward system). Making tourists happy, one Mad Jr. Burger Challenge at a time.

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