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Robert’s Copy

Did you ever start the day wondering why you did, what you did, yesterday?

I had a day like that just a few days ago. We traveled up to Schnucks for a special food run. Many of the items we bought are not available locally. The timing was great. We made the run to Festus and back before any of the winter snow fell. We got out of the car and began unloading all the groceries. When I say we, I mean we had help from Chris and Katie too. They were at the house when Celeste and I returned home. The four musketeers. Gallantly carrying forth our bags of groceries into the house. Newfies greet each of us with tails wags and nose nudges “whilst” they sniffed the contents of the bags seeking doggie treasures. (Their noses pick up more scents then a bank).

Since all of us took a door on the car, none of us checked to see what the others had done. (Newfies are excluded here since they had headed out back to await the little cold white things alighting on their noses).

Many bags were carried in and much work was done as each bag, which weighed more than a bread-box, but less than a refrigerator, was emptied and exhaustion became the word of the hour.

We all sat, drank some liquid of one’s own choosing and completed our visit. Katie and Chris left, Tank and Precious came back indoors (until the snow fell) and Celeste and I entered into TV mode. We dropped into the easy chairs with remote control in hand, and drinks, and snacks and numerous yawns until the evening was done.

Next morning, as I loaded the car and observed the glittering snow flakes that had formed a small sea of beauty on the front lawn; I noticed the snow had filed up the backseat of the car.  I stepped into the house and quickly pointed out, “I DIDN’T DO IT!” It was her car that got the perfect storm inside the back seat. I repeated myself in an effort to shield any misconceptions that I was the guilty party. One of us had left the side door wide open all night.

Well, the Newfies were more than happy to play in the cold and snow, while I got to play in the backseat removing the cold snow.

Next time, I think I’ll just employ my postal training and “INSPECT” the vehicle after the grocery run. 

Now I know what Santa’s Sleigh looks a the end of his deliveries.

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