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Organization looking at artificial embellishments

The Farmington Downtown Development Association, or DDA, voted during in March to try using artificial flowers in the hanging baskets which decorate downtown this year.

Member Joe Ruebel told the group his term is up May and he will no longer be able to take care of the flower baskets and organize the team of 26 people needed to keep the displays alive and healthy.

Ruebel said the board wished to thank Ben and Claudia King, who have provided the flowers in the past. The board’s decision to look at artificial alternatives was based on not being able to find someone who would spend time finding 26 volunteers, making sure the team of volunteers water each day, handling the watering if volunteers were unavailable, and making sure the golf cart the group relied on was in good condition.

Ruebel added if anyone is interested in taking over upkeep of the flowers and baskets he would be more than happy to hand over the reigns to them.

It was discussed that it might be more cost effective for the DDA to purchase quality artificial flowers every couple of years versus buying fresh plants each year.

The DDA has also agreed to replace the white hanging baskets with black baskets to continue with the black theme downtown. There are approximately 30 baskets for sale at four price levels, $20, $15, $10 and $5. For information on the baskets contact Pam at the Parks and Recreation office, or visit the office on Boyce Street.

Along with the hanging baskets, the DDA has also purchased new trash cans and a few planters to match. New tree guards are being built by city employees and going up downtown to replace the older ones. New street and parking signs will be erected soon throughout the downtown area. All of the changes will keep with the black and white theme.

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