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MAC Math, Science fair winners announced

PARK HILLS — The judges had a tough time determining the high school and middle school winners of the annual Mineral Area College Math and Science Fair on March 26, but after all the prizes and certificates were awarded and announced, the Best of Fair awards in each of the two grade divisions were congratulated.

Best of Fair was chosen among the first place winners in such categories that included Behavioral Science, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics. Those who “placed” in categories won $30 for third place, $40 for second place and $50 for first place. The Best of Show projects won $100 each. Everyone who participated received a Science Fair T-shirt and a certificate.

Elizabeth Weiland and Cheyanne Wheelis, of Farmington Middle School, won Best of Fair in the Middle School Division for their Behavioral and Social Science entry, “Authority and Persuasion.” Their teacher is Nancy L. Zertan.

Kenneth Kirchner, of Potosi High School, won Best of Show in the High School division for his project, “Randolph Revisited Part II: A Study of Luck and Fortune in the Ozarks.” His teacher is Randy Reese. Kirchner was also presented an award that contained part of one of the Apollo missions from Bonne Terre Space Museum founder Earl Mullins.

Two students, one from each grade division, won field binoculars from the East Ozark Audubon Society, as presented by Jenny Gunn. The winners were Potosi High School’s Kristin Eye for “Is the Water in my Creek Safe?” and Ste. Genevieve Middle School’s Cade Reynolds (St. Gen) “I Seed, You Seed, We All Seed for Bird Seed.”

Other winners in the Mineral Area College Science Fair held March 26 are as follows, with school districts indicated:

Best of Fair – Middle School: Behavioral and Social Science, Elizabeth Weiland and Cheyanne Wheelis.

Middle School Behavioral and Social Sciences: 1st, Elizabeth Weiland and Cheyanne Wheelis, Farmington Middle School; 2nd, Caroline Boyer, Lincoln Intermediate; 3rd, Cade Reynolds, Ste. Genevieve Middle School; Honorable Mention, Reagun Kennon, North County Middle School.

Middle School Biology: 1st, Landon Scott, West County Middle School; 2nd, Jessica Propst and Whitney Burr, Ste. Genevieve Middle School; 3rd, Trevor Orr, Arcadia Valley Middle School; Honorable Mention, Brady Newcomer and Karl Brown, North County Middle School; Honorable Mention, Courtney Bates, Arcadia Valley Middle School.

Middle School Chemistry: 1st, Justin Roth and Nicholas Bader, Valle Catholic; 2nd, Emily Pierce, North County Middle School; 3rd (tie), Ian Jones, and Eli Pratte and Ross Quinton, all of Farmington Middle School; Honorable Mention, Kaylee Wadlow, Arcadia Valley Middle School; Honorable Mention (tie), Bethany Canada of Sunrise School District and Jordan Hoskin of North County Middle School.

Middle School Earth Science: 1st, Jack Davis, Farmington; 2nd, Kevin Davis, Farmington; 3rd, Sam La Martina, Lincoln Intermediate; Honorable Mention, Adam Womack.

Middle School Engineering: 1st, Breanna Henson, West County; 2nd, Dylan Kitchell, Lincoln Intermediate; 3rd, Caleb Crows, Lincoln Intermediate.

Middle School Mathematics: 1st, Jacob Stahlman, North County; 2nd, Mackenzie Martin and Martha Peacock, North County; 3rd, Kuranda Horton, North County.

Middle School Physics: 1st, Justin Shelley, Farmington; 2nd, Keisey Krause and Sarah Ross, Lincoln Intermediate; 3rd, Hunter Ballow and Trent Wideman, Farmington; Honorable Mention, Alexandra Beck of North County, Emilee Gray of Central, Trenton J Jennings and Jacob Hogan of West County, Keiler LaRue and Devin Brown of Ste. Genevieve, Logan Maddeaux of Lincoln Intermediate, Michael McNamara of Lincoln Intermediate, Adrienne Webery of Ste. Genevieve.

Best of Fair – High School: Behavioral and Social Science, Kenneth Kirchner, Potosi

Senior High Behavioral and Social Sciences: 1st, Kenneth Kirchner, Potosi; 2nd, John Sutton, Potosi; 3rd, Holly Douglas, Potosi.

Senior High Biology: 1st, Morgan Midgett and Emily Turnbough, Valley; 2nd, Christopher Koch, Potosi; 3rd, Gerid Johnston and Beau Thompson, Valley.

Senior High Chemistry: 1st, Melissa McGuire, Potosi; 2nd, Mariah Hassert and Rebecca Swiney, Bunker; 3rd, Leslie Britton and Samantha Tinsley, Valley; Honorable Mention, Brooklyn Hill and Devon Wisdom, Bunker.

Senior High Earth Science: 1st, Alex D. Morgan, Potosi; 2nd, Kristin A Eye, Potosi.

Senior High Engineering: 1st, Madison Smith, Potosi; 2nd, Sarah Harmon, Potosi; 3rd, Zachary Gibson, Potosi.

Senior High Physics: 1st, Jesse Cureton, West County; 2nd, Olivia Kwan, Potosi; 3rd, Andrew Turner, Valley.

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