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Letter to Editor

In writing this letter to you, I stopped and wondered why I would ever want to be on the fire department. First let me tell you that there are nineteen other men on this department who form a brotherhood to protect life and property. I know when duty calls we will be there for each other to make sure we all go home to our families at the end of each call. To them I would like to express my appreciation.

Second: to the women on this department. Yes there are ladies on this department. When a call comes in and their loved ones respond they come to the fireground to see what they can do to help. They make sure there is plenty of food and water for everyone. Or maybe they just stand by with radio in hand; waiting for a chance to hear if only for a moment the familiar voice of their loved one; a sign that all is ok.

Third: I would like to acknowledge the other emergency services like the Police Department that secure our firegrounds to limited traffic. And especially the Ambulance crews who respond to make sure that each and every firefighter is ok and ready to respond if needed. This means so much to us.

Next, I would like to acknowledge everybody. From the lady a few houses down that brings a cold drink over when the temperature is soaring because she knows we are all exhausted. To the many fine business’s in Fredericktown that donate food and beverages when disaster strikes.

Last: I would like to acknowledge the kids of my fellow firefighters who come and clean the station house or help wash and clean trucks because they know it’s their way of helping out. Or the way they just keep us laughing by something they did or said.

When I joined this department I had the pleasure of serving under a very fine individual, by the name of Chief Darryl Asher. He instilled a little bit of himself in everybody who served under him. One of the finest qualities was compassion for the fine service but mainly compassion for people. To the many people who support the Fredericktown Fire Department your support is appreciated. And to those of you who do not I would like to say nobody’s perfect, but with your input that is discussed at our meeting, perhaps this department can better itself.

In closing, I hope the people of this city realize what a great fire department they have. Chief John Clark does a great job in keeping this department ready to go when disaster strikes. And if you do ask a member of this department why they are a firefighter the answer will be unanimous. It’s not the money. May God bless each and every one of you.

Fredericktown Firefighter, Brent Hamilton 817

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