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Festus takes top honors at North County Tourney

TERRE DU LAC — The North County Raiders held their first annual golf tournament in Monday’s windy, drizzly weather at the Terre Du Lac Country Club, and when all of the golfers had concluded their 18-hole rounds, the Festus Tigers claimed the top prize with a team score of 298.

The tourney format for the six-player teams was constructed of two players in stroke play, two players in four-ball and two players in a scramble format with medals being awarded for the top five pairs in four-ball and scramble, and to the top eight individual scores which included both players in stroke play and four ball. 

Plaques were awarded to the top three teams with team scores being comprised of the scores from the two stroke players, the best player’s score from four-ball and the two players scramble score. 

The Potosi Trojans placed second as a team with a score of 325, just four strokes ahead of the third-place Farmington Knights (see team scores below).

Zach Gibson of Potosi was the tourney medalist, winning the stroke play with a two-under-par 70.  Farmington’s Alex Rhodes and Landon Barks combined for a 77 for best four-ball format, Abbas and Queen won the scramble format with a score of 68 for Festus.

Joining Gibson in stroke play for Potosi was Clint Cook, who shot an 81 to tie for fifth place. Seth Gibson and Eric McCoy combined for fourth-place finish in four-ball with a 90, and Alex Morgan and Nathan Portell tied for third in the scramble with an 84.

Rhodes and Barks’ four-ball score was added to by Brendan Gallagher’s 83 and John Schnurbusch’s 85 to lead Farmington in stroke play. Brandon Kearns and Brendan Amsden took 84 strokes in scramble play.

Cody Barnett shot a 79 and John Bowers shot an 81 for Central. John Comfort and Justin Parker took fifth by a tiebreaker in four-ball with a 97, and Dustin Uding and Teren Burns recorded a 90 in the scramble.

Arcadia Valley received a 75 in the scramble from Eric Bennett and Joey Morey, and a 103 from Branstetter and J.T. Usher in four-ball to go with the scores of 89 by Blake Walker and 95 by Brock Walker.

North County’s Sam Hensen and Cameron Claywell  shot 90 and 94 respectively in stroke play. Scramble team Ryan Philips and Lucas Basler brought in a 94, and Austin Schrum and Billy Farr teamed up for a 97 in four-ball.

Bismarck’s Ben Mosier played the four-ball alone shooting a 111. Teagan Lorenz and Brooke Taylor had a scramble score of 101, and Trevor Mills shot and 83 and Lance Brown a 94 in stroke play.

Fredericktown’s Reed Jensen shot an even 100, and Ethan Rehkop shot a 105 in stroke play. Caleb Matthews and Royer finished scramble play with an 86, and Ben Kline and Alex Wade shot 99 in four-ball.

Team Scores — 

1. Festus 298, 2. Potosi 325, 3. Farmington 329, 4. Central 347, 5. Arcadia Valley 362, 6. Windsor 366, 7. De Soto 367, 8. North County 375, 9. Bismarck 389, 10. Fredericktown 390.

Stroke Play —

1. Zach Gibson, Potosi 70, 2. K. Alexander, Festus 74, B. Brock Hampton, Festus 75, 4. Cody Barnett, Central 79, 5t. John Bowers, Farmington 81, 5t. Clint Cook, Potosi 81, 7. Meyer, Festus 81, 8t. Brendan Gallagher, Farmington 83, 8t. Trevor Mills, Bismarck 83.

Four Ball — 

1. Alex Rhodes and Landon Barks, Farmington 77, 2. Meyer and Karsig, Festus 81, 3. Rotter and Viehman, De Soto 88, 4. Seth Gibson and Eric McCoy, Potosi 90, 5. John Comfort and Justin Parker, Central 97(TB).

Scramble —

1. Abbas and Queen, Festus 68, 2. Eric Bennett and Joey Morey, Arcadia Valley 75, 3t. Alex Morgan and Nathan Portell, Potosi 84, 3t. Brandon Kearns and Brendan Amsden, Farmington 84, 5. Brotherton and Finley, Windsor 85.

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