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A Different Perspective

How often, when talking with someone, do we refer to others as ‘they?’  Of course, to begin the conversation, we usually will give a name, but from then on, ‘they’ are known as ‘they’.  ‘They’ went with us on a trip.  ‘They’ helped out at a wedding.  ‘They’ drove someone to the clinic.  ‘They’ bought supplies for a needy family.  ‘They ‘ were involved in an accident.  Names become obsolete during the conversation.  If you happen not to hear the beginning of the story, then most of the time you have no idea who ‘they’ is, unless the person speaking gives you a clue.  Talk about feeling clueless; but it happens.

Many times, people become anonymous.  Sometimes for personal reasons.  Sometimes ‘they’ just don’t want any attention.  Sometimes, ‘they’ are fearful of the consequences.  But regardless, the ‘theys’ are always present.  In the Bible, how many times does it talk about the ‘they’s?  Ones who brought someone to Jesus for healing.  Ones who followed Jesus as He taught.  Ones who asked for help.  Ones who turned their backs on rightful living.  Ones who sacrificed all in order to believe.


We are ALL somekind of ‘theys’.  We might be an organizer, an encourager, a minister, a helper, a warrior, a servant, a witness, a singer, a clerk, a rescue worker, an officer, a teacher, a giver.  It doesn’t matter.  We all have jobs to do and we are all needed in the overall picture.  Our task is to determine our responsibility, and do it to the best.  When painting a picture, think of all the different supplies you use; paper, oils or watercolors or pencils or chalk, an easel, brushes.  All of these things come together, with your talent, to make a beautiful picture.  Life is no different.  The ‘theys’ come together to make the difference.  Why not try to be one of the ‘theys’ that really makes a big S?  You’ll be so blessed because you became involved.

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