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Police make three drug-related arrests

DESLOGE — The Desloge Police Department was busy early this week as they made three drug-related arrests.

A traffic stop for a vehicle failing to maintain a single lane, resulted in possession of drug paraphernalia at about 8:30 p.m. Police Chief James Bullock said Corporal Sean Roney saw a sports utility vehicle swerving in and out of the lane.

“Officer Roney made a traffic stop on the vehicle,” Bullock said. “He identified everyone in the vehicle and found out the passenger was on parole for cocaine possession. The officer requested  consent to search the vehicle. During the search he found two paper rollers used for rolling marijuana cigarettes.”

Roney gave the driver a summons to appear in municipal court for failing to maintain a single lane and possession of paraphernalia.

In an unrelated arrest during the early morning hours Sunday, a 17-year-old De Soto man was taken into custody for possession of marijuana. Bullock said Patrolman Dan Russell pulled over a sports utility vehicle for failing to use a turn signal. The traffic stop occurred at 3:26 a.m. 

“As the vehicle stopped, Patrolman Russell saw that the front passenger was moving around a lot,” Bullock said. “The officer asked why the passenger was moving around so much. The passenger said he was getting a drink of soda. He identified everyone in the vehicle.”

Bullock said Russell asked the passenger, who also was the owner of the vehicle, to exit the vehicle. The officer asked for permission to search the vehicle, which was granted according to Bullock. 

“During the search he found a plastic bag that contained marijuana, paraphernalia and a grinder used to grind up marijuana,” Bullock said. “The marijuana was determined to be owned by a 17-year-old passenger in the vehicle.”

Bullock said the 17-year-old from De Soto was transported to the St. Francois County Jail. 

The third arrest on May 9 involved a 35-year-old Leadwood woman. Bullock said Officer Josh Conway pulled the woman’s vehicle over for failing to stop at a stop sign. He said after the woman was pulled over, it was discovered there was a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle. The woman was taken to the St. Francois County Jail. 

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