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These sex offenders have failed to register

Sex offenders in St. Francois County whose victims were age 17 or under are required to register with the sheriff’s department every 90 days. Other sex offenders must register every six months.

Although a state audit shows that compliance has significantly increased, several sex offenders in the county have failed to register as required. 

As of Aug. 27 on the Missouri Highway Patrol website,  the following St. Francois County men had not registered as required for convicted sex offenders. Date of birth and city of residence are as listed on the sexual offender registry website. (On the top of the page, click the link for ‘Search/Map Offenders’ and on the right click on the ‘Interactive Search Map’ to locate specific areas.)

The following men are listed as noncompliant, meaning they failed to register at least in the last required reporting period.

• John Francis Bone, DOB 10/13/1962, Homeless

• William R. Mowry Jr. DOB 1/8/72, Park Hills

• Carl Lee Ryon DOB 10/5/74, Farmington 

• James Lee Schenke DOB 5/26/69, Farmington 

• Raymond G. Stearns DOB 1/29/50, Farmington

• Artice Upchurch DOB 8/20/57, Farmington 

• Christopher Lewis Walker DOB 10/23/76, Bonne Terre

• Stephen Curtis Watters DOB 3/19/85, Park Hills

One man is listed as absconded because he has failed to register over a long period and authorities have not been able to track down his current residence.

• Steven I. Dawson DOB 6/7/53, Farmington

When laws changed last year, previously exempt men had to register, but several have not done so in St. Francois County. These previously exempt men remain unregistered as sex offenders in the county.

• Brian S. Boyd DOB 5/22/73, Park Hills

• Donald R. Cleveland DOB 9/8/62, Bismarck

• Eric Earl Evans DOB 5/23/68, Farmington

• John W. Jones DOB 4/30/55, Farmington 

• Larry D. Kennon DOB 3/14/68, Bonne Terre

• Mark E. Leonard DOB 8/3/63, Bonne Terre

• Billy J. Mitchell DOB 4/19/63, Farmington 

• Pete A. Roberts DOB 10/20/65, Bismarck

If you have any information about these men or their whereabouts, please call the St. Francois County Sheriff’’s Department at 573-431-2777.

Paula Barr is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-431-2010, ext. 172 or at


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