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Have you taken a drive around the area lately to view the beautiful Fall colors in the trees? 

We took a wonderful trip through some county back roads on Sunday afternoon and we saw some amazing sights.  (I have to admit, I had never been on some of these roads in the 40 + years we had lived here, so I was a little ashamed not to have enjoyed these sights before!  It was always there, waiting for me to see and enjoy, but because of my lack of adventure, I had missed out.)  Anyway, it   seems like the colors are coming around a little later this year, but from day to day, every tree is definitely changing.  One day they are mostly green, and by morning, colors have appeared.

I can’t help but compare this senario to our everyday lives.  Each new day often brings about some completely different challenge or event in which each of us is expected to deal.  Our reactions or responses to each situation might depend upon the current circumstances or what has previously occured during the day.  If it has been a ‘good day’, then we might look at things differently.  If it has been a ‘trying day’, then our response might become more difficult.  I also believe that much of our responses/reactions have been instilled in us by our parents.  If we have seen them lose their temper often, then what has that taught us?  If they have been ‘cool, calm, and collected’ in situations, we will probably be more inclined to do the same.  Yet, like each tree or bush that grows and displays their own array of colors, we are unique individuals that will produce different solutions.  Some of us may be more outgoing, colorful, easy to be around, and quick with decisions.  Others of us may be more reserved, quiet, ‘laid back’, and ‘thinkers’.  It doesn’t mean that any of us are more or less outstanding or vibrant than another.  It’s just that our ‘colors’ show forth in a different way.  We have all been created by a loving Heavenly Father who sees each of us as beautiful.  Are you a yellow, red, orange, rust, brown, green, or purple color?  It doesn’t matter.  You are beautiful, just as you are, so show forth your colors with pride and joy.

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